CPTraining Team

Are you tired of seeing families suffer through their divorce process? Do you want to make a difference in the lives of divorcing families? You are at the right place. We offer courses on becoming a Collaborative Practice professional. You can be part of the solution.


What is Collaborative Practice?

Collaborative Practice is an interdisciplinary process. Each person has their own collaborative lawyer. They work together with a family professional who helps them resolve the parenting issues, communication issues and helps them navigate the emotional journey. They also work with a financial professional who helps them exchange financial disclosure and resolve any financial issues including property and support issues. The lawyers assist each person to generate settlement ideas, evaluate settlement options and ensure a legally binding and enforceable agreement is reached. Everyone signs a participation agreement before commencing the process committing to work together without use of the court system.

How do I learn more about Collaborative Practice?

Two excellent websites are the website for the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals: www.collaborativepractice.com and the other is the website for the Ontario Association of Collaborative Professionals: https://oacp.co

Who should attend these courses?

These course are intended for lawyers, mental health professionals and financial professionals who want to help clients resolve family law issues. All sessions will be conducted using Zoom so you must have a webcam, good internet access and a commitment to attending all sessions using Zoom. Level 2 is for those who have already complete an introductory course and want to learn more. The Introductory course is for those who have never taken Collaborative Practice training.


Is this training approved?

The IACP accepts introductory courses taught online. Although the IACP does not approve specific courses, this course exceeds the IACP requirements for Introductory Courses and the curriculum it stipulates. The Introductory training meets the standards in, PEI, Saskatchewan and Ontario and far exceeds the standards in most other places. Check with your local practice group, State or Provincial collaborative association. The Level 2 course is for those who have already taken the traditional Level 1 course or another course and want a refresher.